Children experience how to escape a fire with IFD

(Provided Photo/WLFI)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some Indianapolis children got to experience first hand how to stay safe in a fire.

Friday morning, the Hartford Junior Marshall Program allowed the kids to experience escaping a simulated fire.

The children learned fire safety tips from members of the Indianapolis Fire Department.

A spokesperson for the program said the interactive qualities of the event might save lives.

“To be able to bring those lessons to real life and be able to say okay, what do you actually do versus what they are hearing and what we are telling them to do. This is more of an active role for them to say to themselves, ‘what do I do if I am in that situation? How do I really get out? So I think this fire program has really been successful,” Debora Raymond said.

The Hartford said it reaches out specifically to young children because the national fire protection association says a third of house fires are started by children, ages six to nine.