Woman uses cat feces to protect Donald Trump signs from thieves

WCMH Photo

MONROE, MI (WCMH) — A Michigan woman is setting a stinky trap to make sure thieves stay away from her Donald Trump signs.

Kathy Bressler says thieves kept making off or destroying the Trump signs she had been setting in her front yard. So she decided she needed to combine her love of cats and country to keep the thieves away.

Her solution? Set up what she’s calling a “poopy trap.”

“I thought well, gee, it’s not a pleasant idea if someone would happen to step into the used cat litter that I’ve been sprinkling around my Trump signs. So, I thought that might be a good deterrent,” Bressler told WXYZ-TV.

Bressler says she hopes the thieves will now stay away out of fear of getting cat feces on their shoes. So far, it seems to be working.