Hancock County law enforcement, advocates hosting addiction awareness event

(WLFI Photo)

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, Neighbors Against Substance Abuse and Overdose Lifeline are hosting a community awareness event focused on the county’s drug problem Tuesday night.

The public meeting will be at Greenfield Central High School at 7:00 pm. People who attend the meeting will watch a movie called “Chasing the Dragon,” which illustrates how strong the power of addiction can be. The Sheriff’s Department, Overdose Lifeline and a probation officer will speak to the group about what they are doing to fight the county’s drug problem.

Tuesday night, Overdose Lifeline will give out Narcan and train people on how to use it. Narcan is a medicine that can reverse the affects of an overdose and save someone’s life. Every deputy in Hancock County carries Narcan, and deputies have had to use it several times.

Captain Jeff Rasche said he hopes people learn about addiction, what to look for in their loved ones and how to help others who are struggling with addiction.dragon

“Let them know something as simple as sharing a prescription pill with someone, or maybe even starting out as a simple marijuana cigarette — how that can lead to some very significant substance abuse issues,” said Rasche.

Rasche said leaders will also talk about a new program the county hopes to launch in the next few months called “Recovery Works — Hancock County.” The program aims to help addicts stay clean once they are released from jail. People in the program would get a Vivitrol injection, which helps curb an addicts’ psychical desire for opiates. The addicts would then go through intensive counseling throughout their recovery.

Rasche said he hopes the program will be up-and-running soon, but there are still hurdles.

“A big challenge right now is trying to find who is going to be the medical provider for the program, and how we’re going to fund paying for the Vivitrol medication for these people,” said Rasche.

The Tuesday night meeting is open to the public. Rasche expects it to last until about 9:00 p.m.