Lids’ headquarters opens in Zionsville

Lids' new headquarters opening in Zionsville on Tuesday. (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Indianapolis company, Lids is unveiling their newly constructed headquarters, comfort and fun are a main factor.

It’s a proven method when it comes to retaining talent and keeping workers productivity up. Famously, Google and Facebook do it with their corporate offices and the same is true for Lids. Their industry revolves around sports, that means hundreds of big screen TVs playing sports 24-hours a day.

A study from BrightHR in 2015 says young employees that have fun in the workplace take less sick leave, work harder and are more productive. It also found 62 percent of employees who had no sick days in the last three months also said they were having had fun at work.

At Lids in Zionsville they are trying to do just that, with big open spaces feels more inviting and each of the conference rooms is a tribute to famous Indianapolis sports venues.

On the ground floor is a cafeteria with Ping-Pong tables and pool tables, even a gym. There’s an also an area where employees can play Xbox. In the end Lids’ Senior Vice President of marketing Jeff Pearson says the company wants to stay true to their roots.

“When you look at this full building and the place that we have to work in its definitely a place that will keep talent here in this local market and a place where they are going to want to work long term and continue to grow in their careers,” said Pearson.

There’s also a new room called the Lids Press Box. It’s a social command center operated nearly 24/7 by Lids and will have a real-time information on what’s trending with sports fans anytime and anywhere. This includes gathering insights on what fans are buying, who they’re rooting for, what they’re excited about. Lids is now billing the city as”Captown USA”.