Texas shotgun wedding sale: Buy a ring get a gun

(KXAN Photo)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KXAN) — One Texas jewelry store is trying something different to attract couples and gun lovers tying the knot.

It’s called the “shotgun wedding sale.” If you buy a ring, you get a free shotgun or rifle.

Joe Thacker, Thacker Jewelry Store owner said “Who doesn’t want to get a shotgun or a rifle and in the process capture the love of their lives?”

Thacker started the shotgun wedding sale three years ago at his Lubbock jewelry store. He teamed up with a gun store to make the deal happen.

“Most guys grew up hunting. Or at least exposed to hunting if not by their family, but by their friends, or social groups. So it’s something that’s pretty natural for all of us,” said LSG Tactical Manager, Steve Burns.

“Farming, hunting, ranching it all intertwined. So it’s just a natural fit for Texas,” said Thacker.

Folks who buy a wedding ring at Thacker’s store will get a gift certificate for either a shotgun or a bolt action rifle. The sale is through this weekend, Oct. 27 through 29.