Family remembers woman found dead in car on Indy’s west side

The family of 23-year-old Kortnee Hewitt is speaking out after her murder. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The family of an Indianapolis woman shot and killed on the city’s west side now pleading for the person responsible to turn themselves in.

Police said 23-year-old Kortnee Hewitt was found dead in her car. The coroner’s office said she was shot twice in the head. It happened near Michigan and Belmont over the weekend.

Police are still following up on leads and have not released any information about a potential suspect.

Kaitlynne Hewitt told 24-Hour News 8 when she lost her older sister Kortnee last Saturday she lost her best friend.

“It’s hard to go to sleep at night and know the next day you’ll never see her again,” she said. “She’s gone ain’t nothing can bring her back.”

Hewitt said she talked with her sister on the phone on the night of the shooting.

“She told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too and that was the last time I seen her,” she said.

Hewitt got off work and came home to learn that her sister was dead.

“I got off work and I went home and I knew when she wasn’t there something was wrong and I had a phone call the detective told me to go to my grandma’s and that’s how I found out,” she said.

Police got to the scene just after 9 p.m. and found the 23-year-old victim dead in her car. She had been shot twice in the head. Police said there was a passenger in the car, but that person took off.

“We need somebody to come forward and let us know someone knows,” said Shelby Dotts, victim’s cousin. “Somebody knows something it just wasn’t right.”

Hewitt and Dotts said they want justice. Hewitt described her older sister as beautiful inside and out. She said she was positive and loved her four-year-old daughter more than anything.

“She had a four-year-old daughter she was four years old,” said Hewitt. “How can you do that to someone?”

The family set up a memorial filled with flowers, teddy bears, and candles. They returned to the crime scene for the third night hoping for answers—who would do this and why.

Hewitt said she’s not giving up the fight until someone is held accountable.

“We’ll be here every night until the person is behind bars that’s all there is to it,” she said.

Funeral services are scheduled for this Friday.

The family started a GoFundMe page to help support the four-year-old daughter. Click here if you would like to help.