Woman hospitalized following ex-boyfriend’s brutal attack

(Provided Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis woman is recovering after her now ex-boyfriend sent her to the hospital with severe injuries.

According to court documents, Ryan Cameron is charged with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of strangulation.

On Saturday, police responded to a call for help. Dispatchers reported hearing a person screaming in the background. A second call reported that a male and female were arguing.

When officers arrived Cameron was covered in what appeared to be blood and could hear a woman crying in the home. Cameron wouldn’t let anyone into the home even though officers could hear the pleas from the woman. Officers were able to convince Cameron to open the door and he was taken into custody.

Ryan Cameron (Provided Photo/IMPD)
Ryan Cameron (Provided Photo/IMPD)

Officer located the victim in the bathroom of the home with multiple facial injuries and covered in blood. She was taken to the hospital.

Medical staff observed that the victim’s ear had been bitten off and she had several lacerations to her face and skull. At the home police found blood in the bathroom and in a back bedroom.

According to court documents, Cameron and the victim had just returned home from a wedding with a few friends when they began arguing. The victim entered the back bedroom to get away from Cameron. Cameron entered the back bedroom and struck the victim in the face. The friends at the home stopped Cameron. The victim told police she couldn’t completely recall the events that took place afterwards.

After the friends tried to calm Cameron down he went back into the bedroom and began beating  and chocking the victim, leaving behind the blood. The friends heard the chocking noise and ran to pull Cameron off of the victim. The friends dragged Cameron out of the home and called police.

Hager’s sister, Megan Splichal, is visiting Hager in the hospital every day.

“It’s animalistic, what happened to her. It’s not normal to want to do those things to someone, no matter how angry you are,” Splichal said.

Splichal said she met Cameron after Hager started dating him. She said her sister loved Cameron.

“We were okay with letting him into our lives,” Splichal said. “We just never would have expected anything like this out of him.”

Splichal fought back tears as she told a 24-Hour News 8 reporter that Cameron deserves to be charged with attempted murder.

“He wanted her to die. There’s no doubt about it,” Splichal said. “All I can think about is that night and how scared she must have been. How alone she was.”

Catherin O’Conner is president of the Julian Center, a shelter and counseling center for abused women. She praised the three friends who called the police.

“They did something to help. They tried to remove the abuser from the situation and then they called the police. That’s so important,” O’Conner said.

O’Conner said one in three women and one in seven men face abuse.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the victim’s recovery. The page said the victim has a long road to recovery after she received over 20 bites to her body and had swelling of the brain.