10 style tricks you should know

A blow dryer + socks for tight shoes? How about a salad spinner to dry hand-washed clothes? Nicole Busch, owner & CEO of Nicole Blair Wear, and image and consulting firm, shares 10 style tricks to try RIGHT NOW!

Blow Dryer + socks- for tight shoes
Tape-for when wearing heels
Tea bags- absorb odor in shoes
Hair Straightener for traveling (collar)
Salad Spinner- dry hand washed clothes
Arm Pit shields- protect clothes
Panty Liners- for shoes (sliding or sticking) + sweaty
Hair Tie- pregnancy track for when you outgrow jeans
1 Qt water + 1/2 c salt (brine tee for 3 days) extra soft vintage feel shirt
Windex- restores shine to patent
Fabric Softner- fly away hair


About Nicole Busch:

Nicole specializes in Wardrobe Styling, Makeovers and Personal Shopping. She’s a bra expert who offers virtual fittings as well as in person fittings using a special 10-point measuring system versus the market standard of 2.

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