Breakfast with RumChata!

Everyone knows RumChata rum cream makes a great cocktail. However, RumChata also is a terrific recipe ingredient that gives baked goods that delicious RumChata flavor that everyone loves. It can also be used to enhance additional baking ingredients like chocolate, caramel, brown sugar and vanilla, producing flavors that are bolder and richer.

Nick Maas, Head of RumChata Test Kitchens, whips us some French Toast and Cinnamon Rolls with Iced Frosting!

All proceeds from the sale of The 101 Uses For RumChata Recipe Book that are generated locally from today’s segment will be donated to a local hunger relief organization.

Award-winning RumChata is bottled from a proprietary made-from scratch cream liqueur recipe. It uses five times distilled Caribbean rum and fresh real dairy cream with a touch of cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and other secret flavors.

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