Video shows man slapping teen employee at California family fun center

Video shows man slapping teen employee at California family fun center. (Provided Photo/KRON)

CONCORD (KRON) — 24-Hour News 8’s sister station, KRON, has obtained exclusive video of an attack at a family fun center in California, as a man is seen slapping a 17-year-old teen in the face with a young boy next to him.

It happened at The Jungle in Concord, a business similar to a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

The video shows a grown man hitting a teenager in the head in front of what appears to be his son.

Police have been looking for the suspect since Wednesday night,. he surveillance video showing the incident was taken on Saturday around 4:30 p.m.

The man is seen reaching over the counter and hitting 17-year-old Deshawn Wright in the head.

“I just bent over, and then like, I just felt like his hand,” Wright said.

Wright’s mother was upset when she heard what happened and was outraged when she saw the video.

In the video, Deshawn was hit so hard that he goes out of view.

“I was (explicit)…I don’t even hit my son like that, and I didn’t think that was cool at all,” Deshawn’s mother Danita Potts said.

Deshawn said there was a problem with the ticket machine. His manager eventually told him to count the tickets.

“Imagine you had to count a thousand pennies at work. Would you want to do that? No. So, I was like, ‘Oh my God’ under my breath,” Wright said. “He came to me after they had walked off to go fix the ticket machine, and he was like, ‘You need to fix your attitude before I slap you.’”

Seconds later, that slap or hit went down. The assault caught on camera happened just four months after Deshawn got the job, his very first job.

“So, we (were) happy, we (were) blessed it happened [that Shawn got a job]…, and then…this grown man comes and slaps him like that. I was mad,” Potts said.

Employees said they don’t recognize the man who hit Deshawn.

Police are hopeful that someone will recognize him and help them crack the case.

Deshawn said that the man and his family came in with a large group for a party.

Officers said they didn’t pay with a credit card, so their name was not on any list.