Evan Bayh votes early

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Senate candidate Evan Bayh voted early on Friday.

Bayh showed up at the City-County Building along with his wife Susan to wait in a short line for early voting.

Despite the GOP attacks that tell voters he lives in Washington, D.C. Bayh has always voted here. He did so in the May primary and his voting status was later changed to “inactive” only because mailings from election officials were returned from the address for his Indianapolis condo.

After casting his ballot, Bayh talked about the negative nature of the 2016 race between him and Republican Todd Young.

“I like the fellow in front of me in line who turned around and said I’m sick of those lies they’re telling about you,” he said. “Unfortunately there’s been a lot of that going around and I don’t blame the public for being turned off. But we need to get out, exercise our right to vote and I personally am dedicated to try and make sure that the political discourse in our state and country is more positive and better going forward.”

Bayh said he hopes that his record of bipartisanship will be a deciding factor in his race but he acknowledged that the Presidential race may also have a bearing on it.