Gubernatorial race closes in

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With election night less than two weeks away, the governor’s race in Indiana is getting pretty close.

Eric Holcomb took over the candidacy in July when Mike Pence became Donald Trump’s running mate.

Holcomb is challenging Democrat John Gregg.

Republicans have held the governor’s seat for the past 12 years in Indiana.

After months of campaigning and three debates, they remain divided over key issues.

Polls say Holcomb could still be tied to Mike Pence’s policies, even though he has differed on some.

Holcomb is working on tax cuts for veterans.

Gregg vows to sign law to create equal rights for the LGBT community.

“We would sign an executive order that would give civil rights protection to the members of the LGBT community that work for the state of Indiana. We would also seek for the legislature to pass legislation granting civil rights protection and hate crimes for members of the LGBT community,” Gregg said.

Holcomb has not said he will get rid of RFRA.

“We have in Indiana local ordinances that allow folks to address the economic development side of this with local HROs (Human Rights Ordinances,)” he said, “and if local communities seek to take advantage of those, they have been,” Holcomb said.

They both are talking about drug abuse as a big problem in Indiana. And education has been a top topic in a lot of the debates.

But perhaps the biggest topic of contention is the loss of Carrier in Indiana. Gregg has said Holcomb is to blame.

The WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey has Gregg leading the race 48 percent to Holcomb’s 43 percent.

Libertarian candidate Rex Bell is also a part of the governor’s race.