Monday Mailbag: Are these tools tricks or treats?

Check out our goodies in today’s Monday Mailbag:


A tool kit is one of those things you might forget about when moving away to college. Kelvin Tools has created the perfect multi-tool that fits in the palm of your hand! Hanging pictures, putting up shelving, assembling flat packed furniture – you never know when Kelvin will come in handy! Just one small tool can do hundreds of jobs. And it looks cool too!



USB Lamp Socket Charger
Turns any lamp into a USB charging station for multiple electronic devices.

Installs in seconds…simply remove the existing light bulb, screw in LampChamp, replace the bulb.
LampChamp powers and charges cell phones, tablets, eReaders, anything with a USB


Clickless High Heel Protectors:

With the temperature starting to cool down, fall fashion is in full effect and it’s even more important now to protect your beautiful high heels from the elements! Extend the life of your favorite heels with Clickless instant stiletto & high heel protectors. These heel caps protect your shoes while silencing your steps. Not only are they great for day-to-day use, they’re perfect for upcoming holiday events and parties, as well as holiday stocking stuffers!

Whether you are going to the airport, church, or the office, Clickless effectively reduces unwanted clicking noises and softens your step. This fall fashion secret is easy to use, long lasting, and is guaranteed to keep your stilettos silent. Simply slip the non-adhesive cap over the heel and easily remove the cap when you want to switch it to another pair.

Clickless heel protectors are designed to:
• Minimize distracting clicking noises, making them perfect for offices, houses, schools, airports, or anywhere
• Soften steps by creating a buffer between heels and hard surfaces
• Protect heels from everyday wear, prolonging the life of the shoe while preserving the look of your heels by creating the look of a regular heel tip
• Be long lasting but easily replaceable to keep heels looking their best
• Be very affordable

This fall, discover one of shoe fashion’s best lifesavers that will keep down the noise and save your high heels. Unlike other heel protectors, Clickless is tapered to fit heels, preserving the aesthetic of your heels by creating the look of a regular heel tip.

About Clickless

Clickless founder Nicole Greener came up with the idea for Clickless after realizing she didn’t like the noise of heels clicking on the hard floors in her office. Nicole created Clickless for women who want to walk confidently into a room without worrying who they might disturb. Nicole soon discovered her invention makes walking in heels more comfortable and extends the life of heels by protecting them from harsh surfaces as well.