New polls shows tie in Senate race

(WISH/AP Photos)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Senate race between Democrat Evan Bayh and Republican Todd Young is a dead heat, according to an independent poll released Monday.

It’s one of two significant developments in the race.

The other development is another report that is based on Bayh’s schedule from when he served in the Senate from prior to 2010.

It comes from CNN and suggests that Bayh was meeting with a fundraiser and with campaign contributors in his Capitol Hill Office.

A Bayh campaign spokesman challenged the accuracy of the report.

In a statement Ben Ray said, “Strict rules were in place against fundraising in that office, and they were always followed closely.”

In the meantime, Monmouth University released a poll that shows the race tied at 45 percent. Two weeks ago, the WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey showed Bayh with a six point lead.

“The scandals are just catching up to Evan Bayh,” said Young campaign spokesman Jay Kenworthy. “It seems like every couple days there’s something new coming out about what he was up to when he was in office, or what he’s been up to since he left office, and that’s starting to show up in the polls.”

The Bayh campaign didn’t dispute the poll findings. Spokesman Ben Ray said, “This is a close race and we are working hard every day to get out Evan’s message.”

It tells you that this race is still up for grabs but, and if you believe the Monmouth Poll, momentum is on the side of Todd Young, especially if you consider the internal poll released by Democrats shortly after Bayh entered the race.

It showed Bayh up by 26 points.