Police: Standoff suspect went down violent path the past few months

Damoine Wilcoxson was arrested after a standoff with police Monday, October 31, 2016.(Photo Provided/Boone County Sheriff's Office)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –¬†Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said the man involved in Monday’s standoff has spiraled down a violent path over the past few months.

A standoff ended Monday at his Indianapolis apartment. IMPD said he fired at them, before he was arrested. It was a scene that surprised Damoine Wilcoxson’s family.

“He’s a good kid,” Wilcoxson’s aunt Detra Boyd said. “He’s a good kid. Every kid has moments. I guess that’s what he had, a moment.”

But to police, he’s had a number of moments this fall. A month ago, a Zionsville man was shot and killed at his home.

Witnesses spotted a Chevrolet Impala leaving the scene. A week later, IMPD’s northwest headquarters was shot at 30 times. Officers found bullets, and threatening notes. An image of a Chevrolet Impala was also captured.

In mid-October, IMPD’s north district headquarters was shot at 16 times. Officers again found bullets and notes at the scene.

According to court documents, the bullet head stamps matched all three scenes, and DNA from each spot matched Wilcoxson. They also said he’s known to drive an Impala.

IMPD said Wilcoxson posted as Frank Lucas on Facebook. There are posts about taking an eye for an eye, and life for a life. Knowing this, IMPD went to arrest him Monday, but faced gunfire.

“[Officers] did not return fire,” IMPD Chief Troy Riggs said. “Mostly because they knew that there was a young child inside.”

Before he was arrested, Wilcoxson continued to post on social media. As officers approached the post, “the police at my door,” appeared on his page.

Family also used it to communicate.

“He was just saying that he didn’t want to go to jail, or whatever, but he knows he has to go, but he’ll be out,” Boyd said

First, he has to deal with the Zionsville murder charge, and actions against IMPD facilities.

“I mean I can’t look at him as that type of kid,” Boyd said. “Shooting up a police station. I can’t, I don’t see it.”

Wilcoxson was brought to Boone County Monday night to answer the Zionsville murder charge.

The fall shootings are not the only charges Wilcoxson faces. Documents show he faces two felonies for attacking a woman this summer by threatening to kill her with a gun.