Visiting Angels offering services to help keep Seniors safe on Halloween

Visiting Angels offering services to help keep Seniors safe on Halloween. (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Some reminders for people, particularly Seniors, as they get ready for trick or treaters Monday night. One third of Seniors in the community live at home alone and are women. Home care workers from Visiting Angels said many Seniors worry about safety on Halloween, according to experts.

It’s a night full of masked strangers knocking on their doors and the fear of vandals out to make mischief can ruin the holiday, but there are some steps you can take to help lower the risk.

  • Make sure to keep your lights on, even if you’re not giving out candy because you’ll deter potential vandals;
  • Keep your light on, it makes your home less likely of a target;
  • Keep trick or treaters outside the home and don’t invite anyone in;
  • Coordinate with your neighbor(s) and consider asking them to periodically check on you and your home or even spend the evening with you;
  • Be smart about decorations; Make sure not to have anything blocking the entrance of your window and definitely no flames in the jack-o-lanterns while kids are walking around

Visiting Angles owner Michelle Bell said Halloween brings a lot of the unknown to Senior’s doorsteps.

“Well a lot of the seniors that live alone they might have varying degrees of dimension, from slight to moderate some of them have physical disabilities and on Halloween night there’s a lot of sights and sounds on the street their not used to so there can be a higher level of confusion or vulnerability,” said Bell.

If you are a Senior or know of a Senior that may need help this holiday, Visiting Angels home care can help. They are offering their services or suggest you volunteer to help set up Halloween for someone who might need it.

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