Broad Ripple dog park needs votes to win $30,000 makeover

The Broad Ripple dog park could win $30,000 for a makeover. (WISH Photo/Howard Monroe)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Broad Ripple dog park could win $30,000 for a makeover, but it needs your help.

The park now is basically an open field with fence and some trees, but that could all change

The contest is being run by Beneful and Walmart.

It’s been going on since mid-September.

You can vote by posting pictures to Twitter and Instagram, and including the hashtags #BenefulDogPark and #Indianapolis.

The two acre park was established in 1999, it was the city’s first dog park.

If it wins, it will be the 17 park redone by the contest.

The contest has dog owners dreaming of what could be.

“It would be amazing if they could take that money and upgrade this a bit. I mean even the water fountain doesn’t work here,” said Janet Buchanan, who uses the park daily.

“I do think it would be neat to have little ramps or tunnels or things for them to play on or in run through things like that,” said Eldonna Rees, who was at the park with her beagle.

“Obviously, we would still get along without it, but as I said before I think the outreach and the love for the dogs in this city they more than deserve it,” said Ryan Nornberg, while visiting the park.

The park here is in a dead heat right now with a dog park in Raleigh, North Carolina. But there are also parks in Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Wisconsin also in the running

Voting ends at midnight. To vote in the contest, click here.