Man who said Jesus made him beat his girlfriend back in court

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Salem man accused of beating his girlfriend — and who screamed at the judge last week that Jesus made him do it — was back in Mahoning County court on Monday.

He wasn’t much calmer.

Before 28-year old Christopher Hyler’s trial, he caused some chaos in the holding area that could be heard from the court room.

Several officers had to go in to restrain him. One of the guards said he managed to rip off some of the wooden door frames and was slamming his body against the walls.

Last Wednesday, Hyler showed that same aggression during his hearing.

As the judge tried to explain his charges, he cried out, “No I didn’t do anything wrong! Jesus told me to get the demons out of her! How am I in trouble?”

He said “Her” referring to his girlfriend, who police say he beat up and then left in a motel room last week while he drove to Lisbon for a court hearing on another pair of assault charges from last summer. All of those were against the same woman.

Monday, after his loud behavior behind the scenes, he entered the courtroom and was silent — even flashing a little smile at people in the room.

He was cooperative with the judge and asked to wave his preliminary hearing. His case will now go to the Grand Jury.