ISP share importance of DNA evidence for solving crimes

India Henry

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Last week Zionsville police proved how important forensic evidence is in solving a crime.

With DNA evidence they were able to arrest 21-year-old Damoine Wilcoxson after a standoff with officers. Wilcoxson is accused of killing 82-year-old John Clements of Zionsville.

Investigators say forensic evidence, like DNA and bullets led them to Wilcoxsin.

In another high profile case, Daniel Messel was accused of murdering IU student Hannah Wilson. Investigators say DNA played a big part in leading a jury to convict Messel.

On Thursday, The Indiana State Police invited a panel of experts from its laboratory division to speak about CODIS, which is software used for matching d-n-a profiles in a DNA database.

“That’s what I’d like to offer with respect to the evolution of forensic sciences and laboratory services. Is it’s really been put on the forefront because we’ve been able to do so much more with respect to the databasing,” said Major Steve Holland a Laboratory Division Commander.

On average, about 18,000 cases a year are submitted to the state police’s laboratory analysis services.