Mock election lets elementary students decide who will be president

Mock election lets elementary students decide who will be president. (WISH Photo/Joe Melillo)

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Who would be president if kids could vote? An Educational newspaper is asking kids to vote and with the help of hundreds of schools across the country, we will soon know the answer.

“Every Kid Votes” happens each election cycle. It’s a way to teach elementary school children about voting in America.

How about this for-voter turnout? There’s just under three quarters of a million students. The vote happens at elementary schools across the country and on Friday, the polls close on the largest mock student election.

It’s a partnership between the Every Kid Learns Foundation and the Studies Weekly newspaper. School leaders set up mock polling sites, using computers and a few dividers. The process takes about five minutes.

This year, the kids had a choice between Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Bunker Hill Elementary School Principal, Dr. Kent Pettet said it’s a great way to educate kids about the Voting process.

“Our hope today is that we are planting a seed of responsibility so when they grow up and they’re 18 this is a duty and a responsibility of theirs to vote and to have that positive impact on our future generations,” said Pettet.

The polls close Friday, Nov. 4 and right now Hillary Clinton is in the lead with about 48 percent of the popular vote. Gary Johnson did grab six electoral votes.

For the past three elections, students participating have correctly chosen the next president of the united states, but we will have to wait until next week to find out if the “Kid Elected President” will be commander and chief.