The Film Yap reviews “Doctor Strange”

Film Yap

In the mood for a movie this weekend? Check out this week’s reviews with The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd:

• Doctor Strange


The superhero genre wanders into hallucinogenic territory, with Benedict Cumberbatch as a crippled surgeon who trains to become the world’s greatest sorcerer. Fun but not terribly ambitious”


• Hacksaw Ridge


Andrew Garfield stars in this Oscar-bait role as a pacifist who joined the Army after Pearl Harbor and became a hero despite refusing to kill or even touch a gun. Directed by Mel Gibson.”


• Trolls


Those annoying poufy-haired dolls are now an annoying rainbow-colored animated musical aimed straight at kiddies. Voices and singing by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.”


• Moonlight


This sensitive drama looks at the maturation of a young black kid in the Miami projects into a thoughtful young man questioning his world and his sexuality.”


• Star Trek Beyond – Stream It


The Starship Enterprise gets blown up – again – so Captain Kirk & Co. have a landbound adventure fighting a mysterious villain. Stream It.”

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