Central Indiana woman recounts Samsung washer explosion

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Samsung is recalling millions of its washing machines. Now, a West Lafayette woman is speaking out about how her Samsung washer exploded in her home.

“I thought maybe a tree had fallen on the house,” said Dianne Freeman-Moore.

But when she followed the noise to her laundry room, Freeman-Moore discovered the damage was her Samsung washing machine.

“Holy cow, my washing machine just blew up,” she added.

Freeman-Moore said it happened while she was doing her 91-year-old mother’s laundry.

She said there was not much in the washer, but the top had blown off, the machine moved forward, the drum detached and there were dents on the body. Her husband found metal shards in their utility sink which sat next to the machine.

“I immediately looked on the internet and saw that Samsung washers had blown up and, in some homes, metal shards had implanted in walls,” said Freeman-Moore. “Luckily, I wasn’t standing next to it.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports Samsung is now recalling 34 models of top-load washing machines. According to the report, that’s about 2.8 million machines.

Freeman-Moore said she purchased one of the models around 18 months ago.

“We wanted quality and we wanted it to last for a long time,” Freeman-Moore explained.

She got the new Samsung washer and dryer for $3,000.

“It was fine,” said Freeman-Moore. “It had no problems with it. I was satisfied with it.”

But, now.

“Nothing Samsung will ever come in this house again — now that their phones are blowing up,” explained Freeman-Moore. “I mean, really? Really? Do I want Samsung? No.”

She called Samsung and said representatives came to her house to pick up the washer. She also told the men to take the Samsung dryer.

“They said, ‘Are you having a problem with the dryer?’ No, but why would I trust the dryer if the washing machine just blew up,” added Freeman-Moore.

According to the CPSC, Samsung is offering a refund or replacement and repair for the machine.

To check serial numbers or to see if your washer has been recalled, click here.