Indianapolis church holds prayer service on the eve of Election Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some people in central Indiana spent the night before Election Day praying for our nation.

Episcopal Church of All Saints near 16th Street and Central Avenue held a prayer service Monday night.

A small group came together to pray and light candles inside of the sanctuary. The church was open to people of all political beliefs.

It was a small and intimate setting of at least 12 people inside of the church. People walked in hoping for a peace of mind ahead of Election Day.

“It’s been such of sort of ugly and contentious election year that we felt the need to really pray for our nation,” said Reverend Suzanne Wille, Episcopal Church of All Saints. “Pray for discerning hearts, for kind hearts and that we might come together as a nation no matter who is elected so all people are welcomed.”

Reverend Wille told 24-Hour News 8 a priest within the diocese came up with the idea about a month ago and invited everyone to participate.

“I mean churches aren’t supposed to be partisans right so the idea we’re supposed to help people learn how to love each other how to have hope even when things can seem a little dark out there,” she said.

The prayer service lasted for about 30 minutes. Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale said he walked out of the service feeling better than before.

“I feel a bit better you know I have my opinions like, everybody else,” he said, “But ultimately whatever happens we all have to live with each other after this is over.”

Others like Billy Catchings are part of the congregation. He said the evening prayer Monday night was for our nation and government.

“I feel pretty good about trying to achieve some sort of peace and acceptance about the outcome of the election tomorrow,” said Catchings.

Despite the outcome, Catchings is hoping everyone can work together moving forward.

“I think it’s time we begin to think about coming together to begin anticipate hopefully a time for healing when there’s been a division,” he said.

The church will be open all day Wednesday for prayer mediation. A short mass is also scheduled for 6:00 p.m.