New York City prepares to host presidential parties with security and favors

Trump, Clinton battle it out in 2016's new social media landscape. (AP file)

NEW YORK, NY (WISH) – With two presidential election parties, New York City is preparing with extra security and plenty of party favors.

From the glass ball, to the glasses, a late year celebration, is something New York does best.

This is why some think it’s the perfect place to host two election night parties.

“The Big Apple always knows how to party,” Paulisha Bertlett said. But with both presidential candidates in the same city, some aren’t so sure it’s the right place.

“They better have some super high security,” Kevin Woodard said. “You saw what happened with Trump when someone yelled gun.”

That’s something the city is working on. On Monday, NYPD got ready.

Crews placed metal gates along streets, and officers will be at more than one thousand polling places Tuesday, as well at both parties. But the high security isn’t putting a damper on things.

The novelty gifts are getting people in the presidential mood. “T-shirts, cups, pictures. I see them everywhere on the street,” Woodard said.

“Look at all the Hillary stuff, look at the Trump stuff, look at what you need to to get your vote on,” Bertlett said.

The gifts aren’t only the talk of Americans, foreign travelers who spoke to 24-Hour News couldn’t believe what is being sold. “I think it’s over the top,” vistor, Anthony Wood said. “I just don’t know if that’s how America does things.”

While you might find these things in the Big Apple, you probably won’t find Trump, and Clinton “currency” in the Circle City. Even though it’s in New York City, there’s debate over whether it helps voters make a decision.

“Personally, I wouldn’t purchase any, for neither candidate,” Bertlett said. I think either way, we might be in a messed up situation.”

As for who is winning the merchandise battle, store employees who spoke with 24-Hour News 8 said Trump sales outpace Clinton. We’ll see if it translate into a win Tuesday.