Security barriers at Governor’s Residence irking neighbors

(WISH Photo/Howard Monroe)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Residents of one north side neighborhood can’t wait for this election to be over.

It’s because they live next to the Governor’s residence, which is now under Secret Service protection.

The residence is in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood. But since mid-June the mansion has had concrete barriers lining the front lawn.

“I will be really happy to see them go, I really think they’re kind of an eyesore,” said Stephanie Bush, who lives across the street. “I mean, I get why they’re there, but we’re tired of looking at them.”

“You see like the Secret Service stations and the guards. It’s definitely very different than it previously used to be,” said Emily Button, who lives nearby.

The barricades were set up by the Secret Service. Since the day he was picked Gov. Mike Pence, and his wife have been protected by them.

“I don’t really mind them (the barricades). I understand that with the election, there’s a new need for security, so I understand why they’re there,” said Button.

“I think they really take away from the aesthetics of the house and the neighbor in general,” said Bush.

The mansion is located at 4750 North Meridian Street and was built in 1928. The English Tudor has served as the governor’s official residence since 1973.

Gates were added to the property in 2014, but it’s those barriers that people want gone.

“I think they’ll be really nice when they leave. I hope they go sooner rather than later,” said Bush.

If the Trump-Pence ticket loses, the Secret Service said they’ll have 48 hours to remove all the additional security measures.

But, if they win those barriers could stay up until he leaves office on Jan. 9th.