What working moms need to know about healthcare options

5 Women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions in their families and take the lead role in choosing health plans. With such a large portion of the burden resting on women to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families, Aflac and Working Mother magazine partnered for a recent survey to determine how prepared working mothers are to pay their healthcare costs should an unexpected illness or injury occur.

Not surprising, the survey found that almost half (49 percent) of working mothers do not have enough money to cover their health insurance deductible if they needed to do so today. While health care costs have continued to rise, wages have stayed stagnant, leaving many working mothers with little cash on hand to save for their health insurance deductible.

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The 2016 Working Mothers Survey was commissioned by Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance sales at the worksite in the U.S.