DVR Catch-Up: Shogun and Abomination

CW Network on WISH-TV Channel 8

A rollicking time adventure!

We join the Legends in “Shogun” with some testing of Civilian Steel’s new powers. Hey, let’s blast him a bunch with Ray’s suit and what could go wrong?

And by that, I mean, let’s blast Steel and Ray out of the time ship, accidentally dropping them in Feudal Era Japan. The historian in Steel geeks out, as he’s nursed back to health by a local woman, who is destined to be married to the local shogun. He bumbles it a bit, realizes he doesn’t fully ‘get’ his powers yet, and kind of gets his butt handed to him.

Meanwhile, Ray is trying to figure out how to be a hero without his hero suit. Other Legends have given him digs over the episodes about him just being a guy in a suit. Who is he without the suit? Well, when the shogun figures out how to wear and operate the suit, it looks like Ray needs to figure out for himself that hero-ing is on the inside.

During their repairs of the ship, Jax and Martin find a hidden compartment, loaded with weapons, complete with a hidden message from future Flash, Barry Allen, with a dire warning we never get to see.

And Mick and Amaya argue a bit about ninjas, whether or not they exist, and Mick shows absolute glee that yes, they do in fact exist. Between that and the Yoda commentary (he’s a very wise man!), this episode had some light and fun moments.

Which was great, because next we get “Abomination,” taking our Legends back to the Civil War. Particularly, the South during the Civil War. A time pirate crashed there, sent out a time distress beacon, and then disappeared into Mississippi. Oh yeah, and he had a strange illness.

The Legends come upon a real-life spy for the Union, Henry Scott, who is trying to complete his mission of stealing some Confederate troop movements and other plans, and get them to General Grant. Without these plans, the Union won’t win the war. But he’s killed in a… zombie attack.

Yup! A zombie attack. And I have pretty much the same reaction as Dr. Stein. ZOMBIES!! Runawayrunaway! I hate zombies!

So Jax takes up Scott’s mission with the help of Amaya, and they head to the plantation house to steal the plans. Steel and Sara head to Grant’s camp to warn him of the zombies, and Stein and Ray try to figure out a zombie vaccine. Mick…has been bitten by the zombies, becomes a zombie, and chases Stein and Ray around, terrifyingly.

This episode had a bit more of a heavier weight, during Amaya and Jax’s scenes. They have to play the role of slaves, and Amaya wants to help everyone, no matter how much it may interfere with history. You can see the pain this causes Jax, as it kind of comes home for him just how much people suffered. But he’s inspired by the slaves’ fortitude, singing the Drinking Gourd to lift their spirits, and, once they get rallied by Amaya, helping the Legends in completing their mission.

The rest of the episode is pretty standard “Zombie Episode” fare. Of course, a vaccine works, everyone is all better, a few zombies get blown up. Kind of par for the course. But we do get some more insight on Future Barry’s message, and it seems like that will dictate the overall arc of the season. Good thing, too, because the Legends need more of a plot this season, so we don’t end up in Time Zone of the Week.