DVR Catch-Up: Arrow

Arrow -- Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow -- Photo: JSquared Photography/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

I’ve been trying really hard to care about these new characters in Arrow. Really.

I also haven’t reviewed this show for its first few episodes, just to give them a chance to prove their case. On the upside, the jury is still out. On the downside, I’m still hard-pressed to care.

I’m going to give some props to Thea Queen. Oliver is the mayor of Star City now, and he’s overwhelmed with those duties and keeping it together on the Team Arrow front. Usually, his mayoral duties lose out. Thea has done a great job of picking up those duties, keeping her brother’s cover intact, and making sure the city doesn’t fall apart from the administrative side. She’s no longer the frivolous party girl, and I’m glad that “blood lust” nonsense is behind her. She’s become quite the little bad… both on the bad-guy kicking front, and as a city leader.

Now these new pups, they are in dire need for some character development. Will they get 5 seasons to grow it, like Thea? I have no idea.

See, Arrow doesn’t seem to ever learn his lessons. So the drama in the seasons just seems so repetitive. Someone learns his identity? Get someone else to pretend he’s one of the Olivers to maintain cover. Someone gets hurt on Ollie’s watch? Shut everyone out, go it alone, and brood.

Felicity suggested (HEAVILY SUGGESTED) he get these rag-tag (sometimes literally) recruits to round out his team. Diggle has joined back up in the Army, as some sort of mental penance for his brother’s death. He’s not really ‘in.’ Thea has a city to run, and Colton Haynes wants to pursue other acting opportunities—I mean, Roy Harper is out of town.

So we get Ragman, whose family was killed in the nuclear attack that Felicity mostly averted last season, Wild Dog, who doesn’t listen well, Mr. Terrific, AKA Curtis, who is the most uncoordinated Olympian in, like, ever. We have Artemis, who tried to mimic the Black Canary last season and isn’t the Artemis of Young Justice, although I really wish she was, because that Artemis had an interesting story that made us care. (But hey! Young Justice sounds like it’s getting a third season, so yay!).

Bumble bumble bumble, get kicked by the bad guys, bumble knife to the back, bumble heal, kidnapping, mayor stuff, intrepid reporter bumble bigger bad guy.

The season kind of feels as scattered as I think Oliver’s life must feel right now.

Oh yeah and Felicity has a forgettable love interest—to the point that I actually keep thinking he’s other characters on the show. Diggle’s back to play the stern, yet loving, father figure to Wild Dog and Oliver’s flashbacks are explaining his time in Russia, because let’s all forget how Castaway he seemed when they found him on the island five years ago…I really want that whole story line to pay off, because if we get to his rescue from that island, and the flash backs don’t feel full circle, I’m going to be really disappointed.

So, whatcha think?