Stretch your winter dollars

Most people don’t think twice about small cracks and crevices in the home, but adding up all of those leaky spots is equivalent to having a 3’ by 3’ hole in wall. Danny Lipford, National Home Improvement Expert and Host of “Today’s Homeowner,” explains simple, DIY strategies every homeowner can tackle for about $150, and save up to 30% on their winter energy bill.

With colder temps on the way, we wanted to catch up with national home improvement guru Danny Lipford for tips to stay warm without breaking the bank this winter…a

• There are plenty of simple, inexpensive DIY projects you can take care of now around the house to get your home ready for freezing temperatures, and save some money on your heating bill.
• Use caulk to seal cracks around windows and doors.
• Expandable foam is great for sealing up larger cracks and areas.
• Exterior doors are a common source for drafts in the winter – add a door seal and weather stripping to ensure a tight seal and keep the cold air out.
• Roll-on window kits are a great way to insulate older windows and are affordable and easy to install.
• Believe it or not, cold air can get into the home through electrical outlets. Adding simple foam gaskets to outlets on the exterior walls of the home helps prevent heat loss.
• Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature and translate into monthly energy savings.

cDanny recommends:
1) Reverse ceiling fans to rotate clockwise.
2) Open drapes and blinds on sunny days.
3) Close the fireplace damper when not in use.
4) Lower the thermostat and break out your favorite blankie!
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