Hiker shares encounter with Hillary and Bill Clinton days after election

Hiker shares encounter with Hillary and Ben Clinton days after election. (Provided Photo/Margot Gerster Facebook)

(WISH) – A hiker is sharing her encounter with former democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that happened two days after the election.

Margot Gerster posted on Facebook about her encounter with Hillary and Bill Clinton near her New York home while hiking with her baby daughter.

“It was completely by chance and kind of amazing. I mean I literally hike that trail almost everyday um and so this is sorta incredible to randomly run into Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton two days after the election,” Hiker Margot Gerster said in an interview with CNN.

Gerster posted a picture with Hillary, hoping it would make disappointed Clinton supporters smile.

“I think I recognized him first before her and once I realized it was her, I think my face was just like, awkward, huge, grinning smile, like ‘Oh my God’ like band girling almost it was pretty pretty hilarious,” Gerster said.

She said she told Clinton she was proud to vote for her in the election. Clinton then hugged her and offered her gratitude.

“She was very gracious and she hugged me and she couldn’t have been any nicer. She was very warm and you know she asked me about my daughter obviously and where I was from and it was just very pleasant. Nothing, nothing too serious, she was taking a nice peaceful walk through the woods, I don’t think she wanted to talk serious politics,” Gerster said.

Gerster said running into Clinton was an encouraging moment for her.

“Honestly I think she seemed as well as anybody could be expected after, you know, such a crazy, crazy experience. I can’t speak to how she was feeling on the inside. But she couldn’t have seemed any nicer or kinder and gracious to me. You know, i think it was a very dark day for a lot of people yesterday (Nov. 9). So this was a very hopeful encouraging moment for me. And that is really why I posted the picture at all,” Gerster said.

CNN contributed to this report.