“Spa-ience” with Sparkle4Girls

spa-logoSpa… meet science! Today on Indy Style, we learn about Sparkle4Girls, an Edutainment/Enrichment Program Provider for Girls. THe Mission is to Empower, Encourage, and Equip Girls to grow into the Best Version of themselves!


Kemi Osuntokun, Program Director of Sparkle4Girls, along with her three helpers, show us how to make a variety of cool spa/body care products like lip gloss, bath fizzies eye while learning some Chemistry/ Science.

The Spaience Workshop creatively blends educational content with fun girly girl activities. Spa Science provides a fun and hands on way for girls to learn science whilst also creating and a variety of everyday personal care products. This workshops equips girls with a variety of skills including science , presentation, creativity, personal grooming, entrepreneurship.

From understanding the ingredients, understanding the scientific concept in creating the product, to coming up with creative names for their products to presenting their finished product the girls are engaged, educated, entertained and equipped with useful skills and knowledge.


Upcoming Events: November Workshop:”Yummy Friendships,” a fun, ice cream workshop for girls!

To learn more, visit:

Website : www.sparkle4girls.com

Email: Info@sparkle4girls.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sparkle4Girls/?fref=ts