New Greenwood shopping center delayed, still in development

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — The Greenwood Town Center is still set to be built, even though construction hasn’t begun as quickly as originally planned.

For years there have been talks about development on the land on the southeast corner of County Line Road and Interstate 65 in Greenwood.

City officials are confident that the right pieces are now in place to make this shopping center a reality.

“Things are moving forward and looking really good,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers said.

Development firm Gershman Partners is moving forward with plans to build a 100 acre shopping development called Greenwood Town Center.

“They’ve been meeting with a lot of different retailers, event people, cinemas, and they have a lot of attention,” Myers said.

Developer Ryan Gershman said in a statement, “A wide range of businesses have shown tremendous interest and discussions are ongoing.”

Myers is excited about another large retail attraction in the city limits.

“They’re looking at developing the County Line Road frontage area first, they have a lot of interest from restaurants because it’s a great restaurant location,” Myers said.

He said a lot of work has gone into negotiations with INDOT and the department has recently agreed to grant access into the center from County Line Road.

“Meeting with INDOT, meeting with contractors, everybody to get approval to get that road cut which is crucial for that shopping mall to succeed,” Myers said.

Myers said retailers are starting to notice how much the east side of the city is poised for growth.

“They’re starting to understand that area is ready to pop and ready for this new shopping mall,” he said.

As for the city’s main attraction, Greenwood Park Mall, Myers is confident the population can sustain both developments.

“They’re not going to be stealing anybody from the mall, they’re actually going to get complementary businesses in that area,” Myers said.

Development was originally planned to begin late this year, but because the INDOT decision was made just recently, Myers hopes the Greenwood Town Center will begin to take shape early next year.

Ryan Gershman sent a statement regarding the Greenwood Town Center:

“Greenwood Town Center remains a priority for us and its development continues to move forward. A wide range of businesses have shown tremendous interest and discussions are ongoing. We remain committed to the project and look forward to sharing more information when details are finalized.

The center is well located for success. We see Greenwood’s growth expanding eastward and in need of this quality, thoughtful development. Prime visibility and access to I-65 will provide a draw for Greenwood as well as surrounding towns/cities including convenient access to the robust heart of downtown Indianapolis.”