Decatur Twp. church burglarized twice in 2 days

Someone burglarized St. Ann's Catholic Church twice in two days. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Another local church is the victim of a robbery. Someone burglarized St. Ann’s Catholic Church twice in two days.

The church is in Decatur Township on the city’s southwest side near Mills Road and South High School Road.

The thieves didn’t get away with much, just a compressor and a power washer that was stored in a shed.

Some are now questioning their safety and that of the church.

“They just keep getting braver and braver and they just start hitting two or three places a night,” said Steve Kavanaugh, who discovered the break-ins.

The church was hit Saturday and Monday morning. Homes nearby were also broken into.

“Yeah we’re concerned. It’s like what do we do?” questioned Tom Barnes, who lives two houses away from the church. “Neighbors are talking about putting a fence up back here just to keep it all separate and so they don’t have a clear path.”

Barnes said the thieves also broke into a trailer on his property and stole a toolbox.

After Saturday’s burglary, they left a bike at the scene. The church put the bike in the shed. When they came back Monday, they stole the bike back.

The thieves never got into the church. But police told church officials that it could happen again.

“(On) Saturday they said once they hit, they know it’s easy to break in, they’ll be back and sure enough one day later, two days later, they came back,” said Kavanaugh.

They’ve now pointed a security camera at the shed door. They said they have more security plans for the future.

“We’re going to improve,” said Kavanaugh.

The church said this was likely done by kids. But police haven’t arrested anyone yet.

If you know of anything you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.