Inmate accused of threatening to kill Tippecanoe County judge

Scott Barry (Photo Provided/Tippecanoe County Jail)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A Tippecanoe County inmate accused of spitting on and throwing urine at officers is now facing an intimidation charge after threatening to kill a judge.

Scott Barry, 27, has been convicted of strangulation, theft and drug possession. But now, Barry faces three counts of battery by bodily waste, intimidation and a habitual offender charge.

The alleged threats came after a judge kicked Barry out for shouting obscenities in the courtroom two weeks ago. As a bailiff took him out, Barry allegedly said he knows where the judge lives and he better have his house surrounded because Barry will get him.

The next day, a deputy talked to Barry at the jail and says Barry admitted to saying he was going to kill the judge and his family as well as slice his dog. He also said he would make someone watch as he killed the judge.