Top STEM apps and games

Did you know? 71% of all new jobs require a Computer Science major, but only 8% of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates major in Computer Science. Kids must learn the basics of building, coding, and programming to thrive in the world of tomorrow. The first step towards thriving in a STEM world is to learn how to build and code via the coolest apps and games.

3 Shinjini Das, Industrial Engineer, shares what’s “hot” this holiday season:

1. CodeCombat: Learn to code by playing a game. Players can choose to learn Javascript or Python as they complete levels, gain XP, solve puzzles, and explore a medieval-fantasy game world.

2. Amazing Alex: Building, physics, problem-solving. Amazing Alex is a fun physics puzzle game for kids, created by the maker of Angry Birds. Players are challenged to solve brainteasers by building contraptions using a variety of household objects.2

3. Hopscotch: Learn to code creatively and make games. Enjoy making games and playing them with a friendly colorful interface. With stacks of help and tutorials, kids and grown-ups can build all kinds of apps while learning the fundamentals of programming. Share your creations with anyone who has an iPhone or iPad so they can play them too!

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