Man threatens to kill wife in front of students at Greenwood school

Marcus Griffin

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — A man threatened to murder his wife, saying he would kill her in front of her students, according to police. The woman is a teacher at Greenwood Christian School.

The threats came last Sunday. The man is behind bars and nobody was injured.

According to police, 42-year old Marcus Griffin lives with his sister. Police say he told his wife that she wasn’t going to be with anyone else and she’d feel the wrath of God.

Along with threatening to kill her, police say Griffin also said he’d kill himself. Upon learning of the situation, school officials brought in extra security.

Police say Griffin told his wife he’d walk into her classroom, kill her in front of her students then kill himself.

School officials notified parents, but they didn’t give details.

“That’s absolutely awful, and I do hope that he gets the help that he needs to,” said Cindy Stidham, whose child attends Greenwood Christian.

Authorities say Griffin threatened to kill his wife’s father as well. Before the start of school that following Monday, school officials contacted the Greenwood Police Department.

Officer Kortney Burrello said threats to school staff are taken very seriously.

The school went on lockdown for two days. Kids weren’t allowed outside and nobody was allowed inside the building without ID. Several officers guarded the doors, the parking lot and the halls. A week later, police are still stationed at the school.

“I’m thankful that they handled the situation and that it didn’t go any further than just what it did,” said Jason Settecasi, whose child attends Greenwood Christian School.

In a situation that could’ve ended tragically, parents are now turning to what they know: their faith.

“Praise God for that, for protecting our kids,” Stidham said.

Griffin faces charges of intimidation and harassment.

School officials put the woman on administrative leave to protect her and the school.