The Hatchimals craze and tips to find the hottest toy of the Holiday Season

(WTNH Photo)

(WTNH) — Hatchimals – it’s the break out toy of the season, literally. Spinmaster makes the interactive birdlike toy that busts out of its egg and that “ages” as kids take care of it from an infant, to a toddler, to a little bird-like kid.

Hatchimals are flying off the shelves.  At big box stores like Target, Walmart and Toys “R” Us, the toy retails for just under $50.  But, a check online shows the same message – out of stock.

On Amazon, the toy ranges from $190 to as high as $350. On Ebay, one seller offered a single Hatchimal for $600.

In our search today, we came up with only one store in this general area with a few Hatchimals. Hobbytown in Fairfield had about two dozen Hatchimals. Today there were only a few left in the store.

“The parents are having a rough time trying to find them,” said Celeste Vanderlip, the owner of Hobbytown. “Their child really wants that Hatchimal, it’s the gift at the top of their list that they’re looking for.”

To snatch up a Hatchimal at Hobbytown, it costs $149.

The owner tells us their price tag reflects the premium they had to pay to find the Hatchimals. More than one small toy store told us that the only the big box stores were getting shipments.

“So we got them at a price to be able to sell to our customers so that they don’t have to go on eBay going on the Internet there here it’s that hot gift. We wanted to service our customers.”

One parent came in looking for two Hatchimals. He was glad his search could end at Hobbytown.

“Oh my God, yeah, I just called,” said Stephen Rilling of Trumbull. “They said they had them and get over here quick.”

Here are some tips to make your search for Hatchimals easier.

One viewer said to track Target shipments she used the website called Fyndly.
About half way down the page there is a spot to put DPCI codes in for the different Hatchimals.

Here are some of the codes you can use.  Just put in the numbers.

  • Penguala Pink/Teal    086-08-0395
  • Penguala Pink/Red    086-08-0897
  • Draggle Blue/Purple    086-08-0396
  • Draggle Blue/Green    086-08-0898
  • Bearakeet Pink/Black   086-08-0899

Next, add your zip and how far you’re willing to drive.  Hit check and you’ll get an idea of who has Hatchimals in stock.  You may want to call in order to double check if the store has Hatchimals.

Toys “R” Us tells us, they are getting more shipments of Hatchimals so check their website early in the morning.  When Hatchimals are in stock, the company recommends going to the store first thing in the morning. The toy sells out fast.

One Target manager told WISH-TV’s sister station WTNH that Hatchimals are so hot that parents are lining up outside the store for shipments.

The craze is so big that even Spinmaster, the company that makes Hatchimals says it didn’t expect this kind of popularity.  On the website Spinmaster has a message for customers.

A Message From Hatchimals

The consumer response to Hatchimals has been extraordinary, exceeding all expectations. Some of our first shipments have already sold out. While additional product will hit retail shelves in November, we anticipate this inventory will also sell out quickly. We have increased production and a whole new batch of Hatchimals will be ready to hatch in early 2017. This is a special season and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed, nor do we support inflated prices from non-authorized resellers. We are working on creative solutions to help kids and their parents withstand the wait. In the interim, some retailers are developing pre-sale and/or rain-check programs for redemption in January. We will continue to update with program details as they become available.”