IUPUI holds Town Hall to facilitate discussion after election

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WISH) – School leaders at IUPUI held a Town Hall meeting Thursday to encourage open dialogue about the results of the elections.

The meeting came after more than 100 students walked out of class in protest earlier in the week.

The students marched to the school’s Chancellor’s office to demand IUPUI be turned into a sanctuary campus.

During the Town Hall meeting, the school’s Chancellor told students that he would consider it.

“Sometimes I think he likes to say what we want to hear, and there’s not a lot of action, and I think it’s important because we have already seen there has been a lot of people harassed and he’s not even in the White House yet, so I think our schools need to be pro-active, and not just say it to make us feel safe but actually take action to keep us safe,” IUPUI Senior Guadalupe Pimental said.

School Leaders said the town hall meeting was to show the school’s commitment to ensure a safe, civil and inclusive environment.

They said they hoped encouraged civil discourse on campus.