Man arrested for terrorizing neighborhood with air horn

WCMH Photo

EL SEGUNDO, CA (WCMH) — Police say the man was blowing the extremely loud horn early in the morning, disturbing several neighbors.

According to El Segundo police, at about 4:00 a.m, November 13, officers in the west side of a town heard an extremely loud horn being actuated that sounded similar to a train horn.

Police said there were several reports, spanning several weeks, of the same horn in the neighborhood coming from the same 4-door compact vehicle.

After hearing the horn, officers pulled over John W. Nuggent in a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo, and after inspecting the vehicle, they found air-horn equipment inside his car.

Multiple neighbors responded to the scene and initiated a citizen’s arrest of Nuggent.

Nuggent was taken into custody and is being charged with suspicion of disturbing the peace. His car was also impounded, horn and all.