One person arrested after multiple vehicles stolen from car lot

(WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — One person has been arrested for allegedly breaking into an auto shop and stealing a car and tools.

The break-in happened late Tuesday night.

Wednesday, police arrested Nathan Sharp in connection with the crime.

The owner of First Time Car said he’s definitely shaken up, but relieved there’s at least one suspect in custody.

Now he’s working to prevent any more thefts at his car lot.

(IMPD Photo)
Nathan Sharp (IMPD Photo)

Jorge Mejia and his mechanics spent Thursday repairing and re-keying many of the cars in their lot.

Keys were among items stolen in the break-in late Tuesday night.

“They messed up four or five cars with the ignition switch, they took some keys, and on the other SUV that we’re missing, we’re thinking there’s more stuff in it,” he said.

Tuesday night his mechanics locked up at about 11 p.m. and then Mejia got a panicked call in the morning.

“One of them got here and they called me and said somebody tried to break in,” he said.

Thieves broke in through the wall where the air conditioning unit sits and also used a brick to smash a garage door window.

“They got some tools, scanners and a couple cars,” he said, “They stole two cars.”

A stolen Subaru belongs to him and a stolen Mazda belongs to a customer.

It’s that Mazda he said that the customer happened to spot at a pawn shop on 38th Street.

“So he called the police and they also called me so I had to go over there to check the tools he had in the trunk,” he said, “They let me take the car back with the tools and everything.”

He’s grateful for that stroke of luck and that police arrested Sharp.

“When I got there he was already handcuffed,” he said.

But he thinks accomplices are still on the loose.

“At least I know we have one of the people who stole the cars,” he said, “Maybe with him we can get the lead to find the other guys.”

Another car was stolen from his lot two weeks ago.

He said they have plans to beef up security at the car lot after the rash of break-ins.