Williams Comfort Air, a Honeywell-certified contractor, showcases the new Lyric Round Thermostat

Get your home to stay warm and cozy this winter with a few tips from Service Manager/Owner, Williams Comfort Air, Josh Huck!

Q: We all want to stay warm this winter, so how can we prepare our homes for the cold that’s coming?
A: There are several things that we can do right now to make sure that we stay comfortable in our homes this winter. One of the simplest things homeowners can do is make sure their thermostat is as efficient as it can be, and many people are doing that by using a smart thermostat. This is an example. It’s the Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi thermostat, and it can be controlled anywhere using the Lyric app. It adjusts to your preferred settings when you’re home, and goes into energy saving mode when you’re away. Smart thermostats can also alert you when your filter needs changed or your humidity is out of range. We can take it one step further and have the thermostat alert our team as well so that we can proactively reach out to you to make sure there isn’t a serious issue with your system.


Q. What other ways can we troubleshoot for problems with our heating systems?
It’s important to change the furnace filter regularly. A dirty filter will cause the furnace to work harder because of decreased airflow and that can cause parts to wear quickly. So, dirty filters can lead to the need for premature repairs and a shorter life for your furnace. Plus, when your furnace is working harder, you using more energy which means higher bills.

Q: How often should you change your furnace filter?
A: That depends on the type of furnace filter that you have. Many furnaces have a low-end 1” filter that should be changed monthly. Not only will this keep your furnace from overworking, it will help with your indoor air quality.

Q: Can we do this furnace maintenance ourselves?
A: Well, we can all change our furnace filters, but your heating and cooling system should also be professionally maintained twice a year, once in the heating season and once in the cooling season. By having a trained technician inspect and clean your furnace now, you can head-off any problems that may be present. Prevention is much better than reacting to the problem when your furnace quits on the coldest day of the year.

Q: You mentioned humidification. How does that play into home comfort?
A: During the winter, low humidity can cause dry skin and dry nasal passages as well as the growth of bacteria and viruses, static electricity, and damaged woodwork. So having a thermostat that can alert you of humidity issues is a real plus.

Q: What else should we be aware of?
A: If there is anyone who is planning to replace their heating system this season, they need to know that the federal tax credit for heating and cooling equipment will expire on December 31st. That includes the 30% UNLIMITED federal tax credit for geothermal systems. So, you need to act quickly if you want to benefit from these tax credits.

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