Car lot owners capture car theft on camera

The owners a mom and pop used car lot are hoping their security video will help catch two car thieves. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)–The owners a mom and pop used car lot are hoping their security video will help catch two car thieves.

IMPD is trying to figure out who stole a used car from Cobra Auto Sales on the east side Friday. It happened just before noon on Massachusetts Avenue near North Arlington Avenue.

Vickie Knose, who owns the car lot, said her security video shows two people stealing a silver, 2011 Chevy Malibu from her lot. The video shows the car drive into Massachusetts Avenue traffic. Not even a collision with another car stops the driver from speeding away.

“We can’t even run a good business without them coming in broad daylight and taking our cars,” Vickie said.

Knose is heard in the video screaming at the drivers to stop.

She said she and her husband, Ron, spent about a half hour showing cars to two people. Vickie and Ron said they pulled a Malibu around the lot for the suspects to test drive. The suspects got into the running car and took off. Security video only captured grainy images of the suspects.

“They kept requesting that my husband go with them,” Vickie said. “How do I know they wasn’t going to kill him? I’m just glad they didn’t run over him. I don’t care about the car.”

Ron said they did run over his foot but he’s not seriously hurt.

Vickie said people have stolen parts from the lot but this is the first time someone stole a car. She’s worried it could happen again.

She’s considering closing the lot.

“I’m done here. I’m selling these off and I’m done,” Vickie said. “I don’t feel like it’s safe.”

Vickie and Ron said they notified police and planned on handing the video over to them. An IMPD spokesman confirmed the agency is investigating.

The couple describes the suspects as two men in their 30s. They believe one of the suspects was wearing a long wig.

Police have not provided an update on the condition of the driver who collided with the suspects.