Fall cocktails with new local hard soda

Did you hear? Zima is all grown up! Erin Edds, Co-Founder, Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda, introduces us to Garden Party Botanical’s new line of premium hard sodas in the Indianapolis, Central and Southern Indiana markets starting this week.

Led by noted beverage entrepreneur Erin Edds, Garden Party Botanical is crafted to appeal to the sophisticated adult who desires a refreshment that promises a more artful drinking experience. Garden Party Botanical delivers a fresh, premium, great-tasting adult beverage with unique, authentic blends of all-natural ingredients made with real cane sugar and zero artificial flavors or colors. The first two flavors to be released are:


• Garden Party Botanical Ruby: Spicy ginger hard soda infused with hibiscus and pomegranate. Unapologetically spicy, unexpectedly smooth. Confident enough to stand on its own or mix to create a cocktail so wicked awesome, it will make you believe in unicorns. Once you try it, you’ll see.
• Garden Party Botanical Violet: Crisp lemon hard soda infused with lavender and blackberry. Smoky violet, like the color of a dream. Lightly carbonated, like having fairies dance on your tongue. Sweet with a hint of tartness, like a toddler right before nap time. Washes over you on a hot summer day like ahhhh.
These all-natural elements create a sophisticated beverage delivered with bright carbonation and 8% alcohol by volume.

I created Garden Party Botanical as a fun, sophisticated bridge between craft beer, wine and spirits. These are flavors that harken back to my farmer’s market days, and I wanted to keep that natural spirit alive with this brand.” (Erin Edds)

Garden Party Botanicals rolls out November 1st through Monarch Beverage in Indianapolis and 69 Indiana counties, including all 57 Big Red Liquor locations, as well as selected Central Indiana Kroger, Marsh, Whole Foods and FreshThyme locations, with new retailers and restaurants being added weekly. Garden Party Botanical will be available in four-packs of 12-ounce cans, with individual cans available in select locations. (For specific retail locations, visit the product locator launching later this week at www.drinkgp.com.)

Launched Nov 1, Distributed by Monarch, All-Natural, 8% abv, 2 flavors (Ruby & Violet), Sold at all Big Red Liquor Stores. Served at Café Patachou. Versatile & great for holiday cocktails.


About Garden Party Botanical
Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda is the d.b.a. of DrinkGP, LLC, a Woman-Owned Business (certification pending) headquartered in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas is the first of a line of adult beverages the company will be developing in the coming years.
In addition to Violet and Ruby, two new flavors, Peaches and June, will be launched in the Spring of 2017, with additional flavors to follow.

About the Founders
Throughout a distinguished career as a culinary development specialist and successful entrepreneur, Erin Edds earned several accolades, including “One to Watch in Local Foods” by The Indianapolis Star, “Local Hero in Artisan Foods” by Edible Indy, “Best of Indy” for Indianapolis Monthly and “Best of the Best” at the Indianapolis Zoo Zoobilation. Mrs. Edds was the co-founder of Hoosier Momma and also serves on the alumni council and advisory board at Ivy Tech Hospitality School, where she served part-time as an adjunct professor.

Garden Party Botanical Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Edds brings 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, and served as National Sales Manager for Hoosier Momma, securing multiple distribution agreements and chain placements in Kroger and Meijer. Mr. Edds earned a BA in Political Science from Hanover College and is the author of three books.


Betty White
1 oz Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka
½ oz Chambord
4 oz Garden Party Violet

Ginger Spice
1 oz Cinnamon Whisky
2 oz Apple Cider
4 oz Garden Party Ruby

Christmas Cosmo
1 oz Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka
½ oz Cointreau
4 oz Garden Party Ruby
Squeeze of lime

Violet Mimosa
½ Garden Party Violet
½ Sparkling Wine