16-year-old fatally shot in Anderson

A teenager was accidentally shot and killed by his 17-year-old brother in Anderson on Nov. 22, 2016.

MADISON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — A teenage male is now dead after being shot on accident in Anderson.

According to Major Joel Sanderfur, the shooting happened in the 1600 block of West 7th Street around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers arrived on scene to find 16-year-old Reynaldo Pizana unresponsive. CPR was performed until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene. The victim was then transported to Community Hospital in Anderson where he died.

At this point police believe the shooting to be accidental. They said it appears the victim was accidentally shot by his 17-year-old brother.

Christy Sylvester, who lives on the block where Pizana was shot, said her 12-year-old son rushed into her home Tuesday afternoon. The boy told Sylvester he heard a gunshot and a woman screaming. Sylvester said she called 911.

She said, within the past month, she’s seen young people holding guns outside on her block.

“It could have been one of my own. [My son] was outside when everything happened,” Sylvester said.

One of Sylvester’s neighbors, Gary Wells, said he called the police earlier this month after he saw young people standing outside with guns on the block.

“I just hope that the police do a little more patrolling in the neighborhood,” Wells said. “We’ve got a bunch of good neighbors here.”

It is unclear if there will be any charges or arrests will be made.

The shooting is under investigation.

Anderson Community Schools Superintendent Terry Thompson released the following statement:

It is with a heavy heart and great sympathy that I report that former Anderson High School student, Reynaldo Pizana, was pronounced dead at the scene of an accidental shooting at 7th and Arrow in Anderson late this afternoon.

Thompson also told WISH-TV that Pizana withdrew from Anderson High School in October, but that his brother was still a student there.