7 tips on how to dress a petite frame

As women know, we all come in different shapes and sizes. And if you’re a petite woman, it can be difficult to find clothing that fits your body the way you want it to. The ladies with J&J Petite Boutique show us three different looks and share their top 7 tips for dressing as a petite. (Remember, even if you’re NOT a petite, J&J Boutique still has some adorable clothes that would be perfect for you too…. just see Amber’s dress from today!)


What is J&J Petite Boutique? What type of items do your carry in your boutique?

J&J Petite Boutique is a new online boutique specializing in high quality, affordable apparel for petite women. Our goal is to make shopping enjoyable for the millions of petite women that struggle finding clothes that fit and flatter. We carry clothing that we have had specially manufactured for J&J Petite customers as well as clothing that we have hand selected to fit and flatter a petite frame. We also carry a variety of accessories such as purses, totes, scarves, jewelry and shoes.

Why did you decide to open a boutique that specializes in petite clothing?

For years we both struggled to find trendy clothing that fit us. Petite clothing has been centered on business attire and styles that suit a very mature women’s style. Pieces are not trendy, rarely stylish, and make it difficult for petite women to find clothing that truly fits. With the past and still current US trend of vanity sizing, some companies are now realizing the need to carry smaller and petite sizes. But even with the few retailers that are finally doing this, the boutique market has nothing like us out there. We saw a huge need for an alternative to all of the boutiques that carry the same items in the same sizes and wanted to do something to fill that need.


Top tips for dressing as a petite:

1) Don’t avoid prints; just seek out small motifs that won’t over power your frame.
2) V-neck and scoop necks make you look taller.
3) Make sure if tops and dresses taper or have seams on the waistline that they line up with your actual waist.
4) Petite women look best with above-the-knee hemlines.
5) Stick to pants that come with an inseam length that is as close to your correct inseam as possible for optimal fit.
6) Avoid anything too boxy or with loads of excess fabric unless you can add shape with a belt.
7) Just as with any woman, don’t hide your best features. Make sure to highlight your best features rather than playing them down.


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