Noblesville cheer team wins state title

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – The synchronized movements, flips and chants of the Noblesville cheer squad did not get perfected on the football sidelines.

Instead, it was hours of hard work and determination from a team that hadn’t entered a cheer competition in many years.

“It’s kind of that we have just been trying to get respect from our school,” said senior Laney Harris.

The battle for respect and the sport they love finally paid off as the Millers won their first state championship November 5.

“When the moment came that we actually realized that we had done what we set out to in May, we were just overjoyed and tears were flowing from everyone,” said head cheer coach Crystal Scott.

The team had not entered a cheer competition in over a decade until Scott took over the program in 2014.

The trophy that now sits in the high school represents more than just a first place victory.

“When Crystal came in and and introduced this whole concept of competitive cheer, it just changed everyone’s mindset,” said senior Jillian Hubert. “I feel like everyone had this new love for cheer; that we wanted to compete and show people how good we were.”

According to Coach Scott, the team isn’t planning on stopping at one title.

“We’re not done yet. I’d like to keep this going and keep our winning streak alive,” Scott said. “So next season it will be a whole new routine and a whole new set of girls.”

The state title became the ninth championship for Noblesville.

“It’s very challenging physically and mentally,” said senior Chloe Fisher.

The Millers have set the bar, and hope to continue to fly beyond expectations.