‘Bleach Boy’ drinks out of Clorox bottle, goes viral

Brian Blackwell, a.k.a “Bleach Boy” stands holding his bottle of bleach on the court after the Fort Wayne Mastodons v. IU game on Tuesday, November 22 (Provided Photo/Brian Blackwell, Twitter).

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A star was born on social media, all thanks to a jug of bleach. Manager of the Fort Wayne Mastodons, Brian Blackwell became an online hit when he was spotted on the court after the big win against IU drinking from a Clorox bleach bottle.

Blackwell, who was actually drinking water, found the idea of drinking from a bleach bottle funny and wanted to prank people. He has since been interviewed by ESPN and gained nearly 800 new Twitter followers.

When asked whether or not Clorox has reached out to him, he said they should, because he is giving them a bunch of free advertising.

Blackwell said he plans to take the bleach bottle with him for future games as it could be a good luck charm of sorts since he had it during the Mastodons improbable win against IU.