Indiana State Police video provides preparation for active shooter situations

Indiana State Police released the active shooter video in January 2016. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — After the Ohio State University attack, many students and teachers are likely thinking about how they would react if an active shooter entered their school.

Just this year, Indiana State Police released a training video to help prepare students and teachers for the unthinkable.

“We cannot come in and tell you exactly how it’s going to go, so the more scenarios and the more stress you put upon changing things up in the way that you practice, the better off you’re going to be, because it’s not going to happen in a specific set way,” a trooper in the video said.

The training video, inspired by a similar one made by the City of Houston, includes a dramatization of an active shooter situation. It may be difficult or scary for some people to watch.

State police then walk you through the scenarios of run, hide, or fight.

They say the best option is to escape via a safe path to a safe and secure site. It’s important not to begin an evacuation process if you do not know where the threat is located or where you are going.

The next best option is to hide. Close and lock the doors, shut off the lights, be quiet, and barricade yourself behind anything you can like tables, desks, or solid walls.

ISP said the last resort during an active shooter is to fight the attacker.

“We are all too aware that educators and law enforcement officers would give their lives for our children. However, we are not asking you to die for those in your charge, but live for them by exercising the prevent and response options you are about to see,”

State police say many schools are ramping up efforts to focus on active shooter drills. For some time, they were only done once a semester, but now many schools are treating them like a fire drill and asking students to participate in the exercises once a month.