The Film Yap previews new releases

Film YapGrab the popcorn, the blanket and get comfortable. It’s movie time! The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd runs down this weekend’s new releases.

• Manchester By the Sea


Casey Affleck gives an Oscar-worthy turn as a Boston janitor forced to face old tragedies in his hometown after his brother dies and names him guardian of his teen nephew.”


• Man Down


Shia LaBeouf is solid in this war drama set in a post-apocalyptic world, playing a grizzled Marine trying to get back home to his wife and son. Ambitious but wanders narratively.”


• Incarnate


A scientist invades the minds of possessed people to do battle with a demon who has claimed the soul of an innocent boy. Starring Aaron Eckhart.”


• The BFG – Buy It


Audiences and critics missed the boat on this lovely fairy tale from Steven Spielberg about a girl and her large new friend. Buy It.”


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