Comcast lineman adopts puppy he rescued from side of the road

Chad Butler adopted Dixie after he found her on the side of an Indianapolis road in need of medical attention. (WISH Photo/Laura Kennedy)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A puppy found abandoned on the side of a road has a new home.

The man who found her is a Comcast lineman who ended up adopting her.

No one knows what happened to the puppy, Dixie, before she was tossed out onto the side of an Indianapolis road.

But Chad Butler came to her rescue and ended up with a new family member.

“I was trying to restore service back to the customers’ homes,” Butler said.

That’s when he saw something disturbing.

“I noticed there was a really small dog cage that was right next to the road, not in the road, but right next to it,” he said.

That’s when he discovered a puppy bleeding and hurt, stuck inside a cage he said was way too small.

“She was real friendly,” he said, “You could stick your hand in the cage, she wouldn’t growl, wouldn’t bite or anything.”

He was trying to get her out of the cage when another man stopped his car and said his wife was a veterinarian and could help.

“That was just like the coincidence of the year, like what’s the chances of that?” Butler said.

The vet took the dog to help stitch up her cuts and check for a microchip.

She was not microchipped and didn’t have ID of any kind.

So Butler made a call to the vet’s office.

“Then me and my little girl went and picked her up after work and now she’s part of the family,” he said, “You couldn’t ask for a better dog honestly, very loving, the kids love her.”

He’s checked lost pet websites every day since bringing her home.

“I haven’t come across anything with her picture or saying anybody’s missing a dog in that area,” he said.

They named her Dixie and introduced her to their other dog Diesel and now they’re best friends.

Butler said he doesn’t think he did anything special, he was just doing what’s right.

“It was one of those things like, you rescued this dog, you might as well do the right thing and take it in and it’s turned out to be a wonderful dog,” he said.